Consulting Projects

Portfolio of Consulting Endeavors: A Synopsis of Multifaceted Project Engagements

Roadway drainage

In essence, road drainage projects for water resources engineers involve the holistic approach of designing, implementing, and maintaining systems and structures that effectively manage water runoff along roadways, ensuring road safety and longevity while mitigating environmental impacts. 

The integration of HydroCAD, HEC-HMS, Hydraulic Toolbox, and HY-8 allowed me to perform a holistic and detailed analysis of both the hydrological and hydraulic aspects of the project. The use of these tools enabled the development of optimized, sustainable, and resilient water management and infrastructure solutions, aligning with the project’s objectives and environmental considerations.

Stormwater Ponds with Multi-Stage Risers

Stormwater ponds play a crucial role in capturing and treating runoff, especially during intense rainfall events. The design of these ponds has evolved significantly, with multi-stage risers emerging as a cutting-edge solution. These risers offer a tiered release mechanism, allowing for controlled outflows based on varying water levels, ensuring optimal pond performance even during extreme weather conditions.

Hydrologic modeling of stormwater ponds with multi-stage risers is a meticulous process that demands a deep understanding of local hydrological patterns and advanced simulation tools. By integrating tools like HydroCAD and SWMM engineers can simulate various rainfall scenarios, evaluate pond behavior, and predict the effectiveness of the riser designs. This modeling not only aids in the creation of resilient stormwater infrastructure but also ensures that environmental and safety standards are met.